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Welcome to the Official website of the Guyana Constitution Reform Commission. This site is established to allow the Guyanese Diaspora to be able to participate in the vital process of Constitution Reform. At this site you can take the opportunity to:

  • Express you views in an open and candid manner in our Discussion Group;

  • Make recommendations for possible inclusion in the new constitution;

  • View the recommendations made so far; and

  • Respond to the proposals of the Constitution Reform Commission.

We have included a full recitation of the present 1980 constitution along with other documents that have led us to this point in the political process. Please take the time to make your submission before April 18 when the period of Public Hearings comes to an end.

You may ask the question, Why reform the constitution? The answer is that Constitutions sometimes require amendment after passage of time or when different conditions arise in a country or when large numbers of people perceive that the existing constitution does not adequately address current problems.

This situation has arisen in Guyana and, as a result, the major political and civil groupings have determined that our constitution should be reviewed and amended where appropriate.

A vibrant and effective constitution is one of the cornerstones of a strong nation. And your participation in the historic re-fashioning of this document will be evidence of your commitment to the process of national development.

We thank you for taking the time to visit this site and trust that you use the opportunity to participate in the process.

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